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ur, w, 84z, aa, pq3, nfv, o, m, cl, q81, Sister Company – GAFCO Crops S.A.E
GAFCO Crops owns the second largest rice mill in Egypt

GEFCO For Rice Mills

Founded 1996, by Eng. Omar Mohamed Elsaeid who has been working as a consultant in rice milling and trading business since 1965 in both governmental and then in private sector.

Based on both Educational Experience as Mechanical Engineer associated with professional 40 years of career experience, Eng Omar mohamed Elsaeid started an edibles huge milling business in Gogar, Dakahleya, Egypt under the name GEFCO for rice Mills

Today, GEFCO for Rice Mills is the largest rice mills in Egypt with a capacity of more than 250 Ton/Day paddy bases and it considered role model in rice business and its success story is one of the famous case studies in rice milling field.

GEFCO for Rice Mills counts on strong partnership with the the worldwide giant rice mill machinery manufacturer, e.g. BUHLER milling machines and SORTEX color sorters.

Its executive manager is Acc. Shady Omar Elsaeid Know More