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GAFCO Crops owns the second largest rice mill in Egypt


Our origin dates back to 1995 when Eng. Omar Mohamed Elsaeid started an edibles business in Gogar, Dakahleya, Egypt under the name GEFCO for rice Mills.

Eng. Omar Elsaeid started his business espansion plan, constructed the 2nd rice milling business under the name GAFCO crops.
GAFCO crops currently holds a premier and reputable position in promoting the agro produces of Egypt.

Through our established relationships, vast resources, and continued dedication to set the industry standard, GAFCO is positioned to remain a leader in the commercial exports of rice, spices, seeds and other agro-based products of Egypt.

Today, GAFCO Crops is ranked the second largest rice mill in Egypt with a capacity of more than 220 Ton/day paddy bases.

GAFCO deals with different rice brands e.g. (101, 177 and 178) with highest quality of rice which vary from (3%, 5% and 10%). We also export white rice (Natural, Water Polished or Camolino), Cargo (Brown) rice and brokens.

GAFCO exports its products in bulk or in bags (1, 5, 10, 25 or 50 Kg) according to customer’s demand.

GAFCO is located in Sandoub, Dakahleya Governrate; between Cairo airport and the following seaports: Port Saeid, Alexandria, Damietta and suez which eases the transportation and shipping time.


GAFCO crops is located in Sandoub Town, Mansoura, Dakahlia Governrate, Egypt.

GAFCO crops is at periphery of Mansoura city , capital of Dakahlia governorate , in the center of Egyptian Delta , the richest area with rice cultivation in Egypt.
GAFCO crops It is very close to Damitta and Alexandria Ports.

Banking and Finance:

  • Total turnover of both of our mills is 25,000,000 USD per / year.
  • We deal with Arab Bank PLC, Egyptian Gulf Bank, and  Abu Dhabi Bank.
  • Export  contract are through L/C (Letter of Credit) OR CAD (Cash Against Documents).