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a0, 3i, t, mj4, baw, 6, nj, 9xk, z5, c2, sa, qb, ax, q7, bw5, hw, j5, 7, pg, 4n, GAFCO Crops S.A.E – RICE MILLING
GAFCO Crops owns the second largest rice mill in Egypt

+20 50 269 44 12
+20 50 269 44 15
+20 50 269 44 49

Sat-Thus    9am-5pm 

We are committed to delivering excellence

GAFCO Crops is ranked the second largest rice mill in Egypt

At GAFCO Crops our pledge to excellence is unparalleled and our commitment to continually exceed the expectations of our partners, clients, suppliers and employees is unwavering. Our management is persistent with respect to the deals it undertakes and gives every trading partner the individual attention required to build a successful trading relationship. With over three decades of experience, we are confident that your company will find GAFCO Corporation to be an ideal match for your operation’s supply needs.

Our Products

GAFCO crops produces highest quality of rice which vary from (3%, 5% and 10%).

We exports: white rice (Natural, Water polished or Camolino), Cargo (Brown) rice and brokens



At GAFCO, Price Matches the Quality. We do not compromise on mediocrity. We do not make promises we cannot keep and we will always deliver on the promises we make. The quality of your order will match the sample you approve.



We Are Hiring

We are looking for a potential quality person, then transform this person to be a rich competences person to support company’s performance in the future.

Human resources become the most important part in the continuity of our company. We realize that the most valuable investment and the most solid foundation of our company during this continuity is human resources. Other foundations such as facilities and systems can be similar to another company, but when talking about human resources, this is one thing that makes our company unique and special.

Potential and quality analysis of an individual will not be perfect without the spirit of togetherness among employees. The success of our company is nothing about one man show but a warm and harmonious super team.

Our corporate culture makes employees believe that there is always a solution of all problems. We are no longer see obstacles as a dead end, but a challenge and a stepping stone to reach success and new experiences. Great potential, honed competencies, a warm family and courage to accept the challenge.